Welcome to the Golf Factory

The Golf Factory is owned and operated by Randall Hollands-Smith and his brother Grant Smith with almost 40 years of experience in the golf industry between them.   Randall is a fully qualified member of  The Professional Golfers Association of Australia and  his brother Grant has had twenty years of membership with The Professional Golfers Association.

At The Golf Factory we specialize in professional golf  instruction with video lessons and launch monitor analysis.  We provide golf club fitting, repairs and the sale of new and second hand golf equipment.

There are many golfers of all standards playing with golf equipment that doesn’t suit their golf swing.  Incorrect grip size, shaft flex that is inadequate for the speed of their golf swing and the length and lie angle of the golf club can dramatically influence or effect the outcome of any golf shot.  A well executed golf swing is simply not enough to ensure that you hit good golf shots.  In fact you will often alter your set up or golf swing to accommodate a poorly fitted golf club with some disastrous results.

At The Golf Factory we take great pride in giving advice  that will improve your chances of playing to the best of your abilities, no matter what level that may be.

Our location is:

The Golf Factory
2/8 Strathaird Road,
Bundall QLD, 4217
(07) 5592 5000